- Sixteen weeks on the Spiegel Best Seller list -


"A stunner."  -WABC

"Brilliant."  -Deutschlandradio

"A tremendous book."  -National Review



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Featuring: I Sleep in Hitler's Room by Tuvia Tenenbom

A Spiegel Best Seller book

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Now also in Germany under the title: Allein unter Deutschen

Sixteen weeks on the Spiegel Best Seller list (equivalent to the New York Times Best Seller list in the USA)

This is a Jewish story, told the way Jewish stories are told: with biting humor. On the face of it, this book is a travelogue, a journal by a Jew from New York traveling in today's Germany. A very funny story indeed.

But this is just part of the story, a little part of it. For I Sleep in Hitler's Room is also a book about modern anti-Semitism, about hate that refuses to disappear, about a disease that won't get cured and a curse that won't let go. All told in the clearest of style and most amazing of humor. 

This book is not fiction. From beginning to end I Sleep in Hitler's Room is a true tale, a tale about a country that created the Holocaust and a story about a continent that moves in the direction of creating another. The target group, as in the last round, is the same: the "Jews."

Why is Europe, the cradle of our civilization, so obsessed with Jews? Read I Sleep in Hitler's Room to find the answer. I Sleep in Hitler's Room will make you think, make you worry, make you cry, and make you laugh out loud. It is a book you will never forget. Ever. Buy it today. And run to tell all your friends.




Sample Reviews (US & International)

"Hugely entertaining, terribly funny, sarcastic, engaging, powerful, accusatory, good! A tremendous book.-National Review

"It is a stunner! It's funny, it's darkly funny, it's nervous-making funny!" -WABC

"To understand Germans, one has to learn their language and live with them  -- or read Tenenbom's book." -Asia Times


"Courageous.-Der Spiegel

"Sharp." -Yedioth Ahronot 

"Very funny, but also very sad.-Cicero 

"An alarming account of anti-Semitism." -Haaretz

"Clear, pure, unfiltered truth.-Jüdische Allgemeine 

"Rare wit. I couldn't put it down.." -Winnipeg Jewish Review

"Candid and unsettling." -Forward

"Tuvia Tenenbom is Michael Moore and Borat in one.-Die Welt

"The definition of courage.-Die Zeit

"Tenenbom is a world champion.-Mittledeutsche Zeitung

"The book is a gem.-Jungle World

"A revealing investigation.-Jewish Telegraph

"So chatty and engaging and laugh-out-loud funny that it's hard to put down. Tenenbom is brilliant.-PJ Media

"Thank you for exposing the myth that German anti-Semitism is a thing of the past.-Rabbi Marvin Hier (Founder & Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center)


I Sleep in Hitler's Room is now available also in German under the title Allein unter Deutschen